Kayla Washburn-Love

Senior UX Engineer · she/her 🏳️‍⚧️

Coder ·

Your Self-Hosted Remote Development Platform

Coder shifts software development from local machines to the cloud. Onboard new developers in minutes, build code on powerful servers—all while keeping source code and data secure behind your firewall.

  • Go
  • React
  • TypeScript

Gleam ·

Gleam is a friendly language for building type-safe systems that scale! ✨

I created the new design for the Gleam website to give it that fresh and friendly feeling that the language itself has, and I've also designed several emojis used in the Discord server. Additionally, I maintain a couple popular packages used in the ecosystem. 😊

  • Erlang
  • Figma
  • Rust

Facet ·

Unmask your creativity 📸

Facet is a content-aware image editor for crafting stunning visual stories. It makes it seemless to iterate quickly and share your work with others.

  • Apollo
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Redux
  • TypeScript
  • WebGL

Deno ·

A secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime 🦕

Deno is a runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, built on V8, written in Rust, with support for modern web standards like Workers, WebGPU, and WebAssembly.

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Rust
  • Tokio
  • TypeScript

Lavender ·

A Game Boy Advance emulator that runs in your browser 🎮

Lavender is an emulator for the Game Boy Advance, written in Rust, that runs in the browser using WebAssembly and WebGL for accurate and high performance emulation on any device.

  • ARM v4T Assembly
  • Rust
  • Wasm
  • WebGL
  • Webpack